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The ONE Secret Behind Every Successful Cosmetic Healthcare Provider.

Raise your hand if this scenario has happened to you:

You went to a conference and had a marketing agency rep say to you, “If you want to grow your practice, you need a beautiful, responsive website, SEO, & a social media campaign”. You sign an annual contract, pay them a ton of money, but at the end of the day your business is pretty much the same. And if you’ve seen any growth, you’re not certain it’s even attributed to them.

No, I’m not a mind reader. I know this scenario because this was my agency before I realized that every successful cosmetic healthcare provider had one item not on that list – a guide. That’s when everything changed!

I Discovered That What Mattered Most Wasn’t a Beautiful Website, But Rather, Actively Generating New Patient Leads Through Marketing.

A pretty website doesn’t matter if no one can find it. Daily social posts don’t matter if no one reads them. And new patient inquiries don’t matter if they’re not the types of patients you want to be serving.

I realized I had to:

  • Constantly stay on top of what’s new & trending in online marketing, especially in social media, & how that applies to my clients’ business.
  • Learn how to move perspective patients along a sales funnel of discovering my client, liking what they have to say, & converting them into a patient.
  • Develop a unique marketing strategy for each client, periodically take its temperate, & evolve the strategy based on the results.

It Was Through This Process That I Began To See REAL Change In My Clients’ Practices.

I’d see them:

  • Receive more leads.
  • Expand their staff.
  • Open second locations.
  • Try new types of marketing, like video.
  • Receive more press, sometimes for the first time.
  • See the types of patients they always wanted.

And the biggest change of them all…

The Confidence That They Were Not Missing Out On The Latest Advancements In Digital Marketing Because They Had A Partner To Show Them The Way.

Are You Ready To Scale Your Practice & Take The Guesswork Out Of Marketing?

Wouldn’t it feel great to know which marketing channels are bringing in the most amount of revenue? What marketing is working and what’s not? And have someone you can trust and rely on to give you the insight to stay ahead of your competition?

That’s the marketing formula you need to develop a process that consistently delivers the types of patients you want to serve.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t need to feel salesy, and it’s going to look different for everyone. But it IS obtainable.

A Little About Me

  • I’m a graduate of Hofstra University – majored in marketing & entrepreneurship.
  • My 3 loves are music, fitness, & exploring the world.
  • I have a golden retriever (her name is Tulsi). Who’s extremely spoiled, by the way.
  • I love everything BBC – news, documentaries, & radio.
  • I’m obsessed with ‘The Walking Dead’.