Imagine you consistently received new patient leads requesting an appointment or a consultation from your website. That’s the sign of a website that’s working. When your inbox and phone sounds like crickets, that’s an indication there’s a problem with your site.

There are 3 components to a successful website:

Good copy (i.e. text) that’s going to answer your prospective patients’ questions.

A site that looks great on any device, provides a user-friendly experience, and clear call-to-actions so your prospective patients can reach you.

An aesthetically pleasing site that clearly reflects who you are, how you can help your prospective patients, and why you’re a better option than your peers.

Remember, no matter how your patients hear about you, they’re going to visit your website before they contact you.

Therefore, you want to make sure your website looks great, is informative, and provides a clear path for your prospective patients to reach you.