I believe every aesthetic provider needs to have a professional video and photoshoot. It has nothing to do with vanity and yes, it’s not necessarily comfortable to pose for a photo or talk in front of a camera. But the benefits are absolutely worth the investment. Here’s why:

People do business with people, not stock photos or companies.

And there’s tons of research that backs this up as well. People only remember a fraction of what they hear after just a few days, but when you pair an image with that information, research has shown that retention goes up 65%.

As an online marketer, I’ve worked with a variety of different photographers and videographers and have coordinated dozens of shoots throughout my career. All of my shoots are planned in advance so we know exactly what we’re capturing. And I’m always on site to make sure we’re achieving the quality and range of photos/videos I’m envisioning for my clients.

But don’t take my word for it, just look at some of these samples.